6th Annual KC Kosher BBQ Championship

September 10th 2017

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Join us Sunday September 10th 2017 at the Jewish Culture Fest at the Jewish Community Center 5801 W. 115th St. Overland Park, KS 66211

Kansas City is deservedly known as the “world’s barbecue capital,” with more than 100 barbecue restaurants in the metropolitan area. The specific breed of barbecue known as “Kansas City style” centers on slow-smoked meats with a thick tomato-and-molasses-based sauce. Its origins can be traced to the pit of Henry Perry, a restaurateur in the early 1900s who trained and inspired the founders of Arthur Bryant’s, Gates’, and other mainstays of today’s Kansas City barbecue scene.

This years Kosher BBQ Championship will once again be sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society.

Why would a kosher BBQ competition be special?

Just as the act of barbecuing has become a traditional secular way of enhancing the meaty staples of a Midwestern diet, the biblical injunction to “keep” kosher is a spiritual injunction also elevating the experiencing of eating. This contest and festival offers a unique opportunity to honor and celebrate the union of both traditions.

Kosher and Community

The goal of the competition—beyond creating a time and space where people can come together—is to educate the Kansas City community about the meaning and deeper significance of “kosher,” the Jewish dietary standards that go beyond simply proscribing certain foods or separating milk from meat. The event will include literature, booths, and perhaps demonstrations to facilitate the conversation on what it means to keep kosher. Meanwhile, proceeds will help make kosher supervision more widely available to the community, by enabling the Vaad of Kashrut to defray many of its costs.